human effort is always worth the trouble

At the swipe of a finger, you can nowadays read endless learned articles and marketing copy about how artificial intelligence and machine translation can help you overcome the language barrier. Browsing through dozens and dozens of translation provider websites, you learn how increasingly more projects are shrewdly delegated to supercomputers or so popular CAT software.

As far as the art of translation is concerned, we, at Dialektikus+ KlG, are incorrigible traditionalists, however. We believe that only human-made translations are worth their price. We would never dare to charge our Clients a fee for a gobbledygook output of a machine-translation program.

If not as artists, we certainly see ourselves as passionate and conscientious craftspeople dedicated to the pleasurable and enlightened pursuit of the art of translation. We abhor using slick machines or artificial intelligence for this purpose. Only the human brain is capable of conveying meanings, ideas and concepts between unrelated languages. Replacement of words in one language with words in another one means just a mere replacement, which is, to be honest, very, very far from true, accurate and faithful translation.