human effort is always worth the trouble

In today’s digital age, a simple finger swipe grants access to a plethora of scholarly articles and promotional materials touting the marvels of artificial intelligence and machine translation in breaking language barriers. As one navigates through countless translation service websites, it becomes evident that an increasing number of projects are confidently entrusted to supercomputers and the ever-popular CAT software.

However, when it comes to the artistry of translation, we at Dialektikus+ KlG are unabashedly old-school in our approach. We firmly believe that translations crafted by human hands and minds truly merit their cost. It would go against our principles to bill our clients for the often nonsensical outputs generated by machine translation tools.

Rather than label ourselves as artists, we prefer to be seen as devoted and meticulous artisans, deeply committed to the nuanced and intellectual art of translation. We steer clear of impersonal machines and artificial intelligence for this craft. We trust that only the human intellect can truly bridge meanings, notions and concepts across disparate languages. Merely substituting words from one language to another amounts to nothing more than a basic exchange — a practice that, in truth, stands miles apart from genuine, precise and loyal translation.