Our linguists, who work exclusively into their mother tongue, are highly qualified and experienced. But one of the key reasons we have been so successful is a profound understanding of our clients’ industries. Through a global network of uniquely skilled and experienced translators, we service over 100 language combinations. We can assign them according to your locality, or as part of our in-house teams in Zurich, London, New York or Warsaw. We handle any sort of text ranging from basic correspondence, communications and press releases, legal stuff, to highly technical literature, academic papers, websites and video scripts.

Content We Translate


Academic books

Account Maintenance



Advice for guests

Annual accounts & reports

Anti-money laundering and corruption policies

App localisation

App store descriptions and SEO

Applications and related documentation

Applications and supporting documents

Appraisals and valuations

Arable farming manuals

Architectural plans

Articles of Incorporation

Assets, capital and investment

Attendee and stakeholder communication

Banking and loan documents

Below-the-line campaigns

Bids, tenders and procurement

Bills of materials

Books, papers and articles

Branding and copywriting

Brochures and catalogues

Brochures and leaflets

Brochures, press releases, correspondence and websites

Business and employment contracts, leases and deeds

Case studies


Certificates of Accuracy


Clinical trial documentation

Clothes Labels

Codes of conduct

Commercial agreements, contracts and protocols

Common technical documents (CTDs)

Construction plans, proposals & specifications

Cookery books

Copy adaptation

Corporate and brand values

Corporate strategy and planning

Correspondence & liaison

Cultivation advice and product descriptions

Death certificates

Deeds and leases

Depositions & evidence

Design and development

Design blueprints

Digital & print communication

Direct & web marketing campaigns

Documents for internal and external audit


Due diligence documentation, materials, proposals & tenders


Email marketing


Environmental compliance audits

Environmental impact assessments (EIAs)

Events branding and documentation


Experimental data

Externalised text


Feasibility studies

Finance and accounts

Financial reports

Fleet maintenance documentation

Floor plans

Game instructions and rules

Global logistics instructions and manuals

Global supply chain correspondence


Health and safety documents

HR and learning courses

HR policy and documentation

Industry and feature reports

Inspection reports and regulations

Insurance policies

Internet marketing materials

Interviews and surveys

Investigator brochures

Investment and accounts documents

IP and confidentiality

Job adverts

Keyword translation

Laws and statutes

Legal and contractual material

Legal documents and correspondence

Liaison with local authorities

Licensing and distribution agreements

Litigation documents

Local regulations


Management and leadership development materials

Manuals and guides

Manufacturing and engineering articles

Marketing campaigns

Marriage certificates

Material safety data sheets

Medical device instructions

Medical packaging & labelling

Medical reports


Meta descriptions

Mobile and consumer electronics manuals

MSDSs and data sheets

Multilingual copywriting and editing

News articles

Nutrition advice

Online and print communications

Online and print marketing

Online marketing and SEO

Operation and maintenance manuals

Outreach e-mails

Packing, grading and processing manuals

Parking regulations


Patent litigation and prosecution documents

Patents and patent applications

Patient reported outcomes (PROs)

Pharmaceutical research, reports and training manuals

Policy documents


Press releases

Print and digital marketing

Problem reports or incident investigations

Product characteristics, descriptions and cautions

Product labelling, packaging and catalogues

Product specifications

Project plans

Promotional & web material

Property development documents

Quality assurance manuals

Real estate marketing and sales


Regulatory compliance

Regulatory documentation

Regulatory reports

Religious books and texts

Relocation services material

Repatriation Documents

Requests for Information (RFIs)

Requests for Proposal (RFPs)

Requests for Quotation (RFQs)

Research materials

Risk assessment, management and compliance

Service, maintenance and policy manuals

Share certificates

Social media text posts

Software and app localisation

Source certification

Specification documents

Supplier contracts

Supporting documentation and appendices

Tax legislation and guidance

Technical and CAD drawings

Technical documentation

Technical glossaries

Technical patents

Technical reports

Telecommunication contracts

Telecommunication tenders

Tenders and Offers

Terms & Conditions

Textbooks and training manuals

Theological books

Topographical surveys

Toxicology reports


Training Materials


Transportation documents

User manuals and operating instructions

Valuations and supporting documentation

Visa applications

Website localisation

Welcome packages