About Us

We are a Swiss-based translation company with fully-fledged outlets in the UK, the USA, Germany and Poland.

Languages have been our everyday business and personal life since as early as the mid-1990s, when our professional team of committed and dedicated in-house and freelance translators started to form and evolve professionally.

Ever since we have been promoting our clients’ success in international communications by giving them a critical strategic edge in today’s rapidly changing global marketplace.

Not only can we now handle any translation job, regardless of the source or target language, the volume, the complexity or the timeframe, but we can do it to any degree of specialisation and at a relatively affordable price.

Over the last 20+ years our company has developed into a flourishing and widely recognised translation agency servicing government, corporate and community clients nationwide, as well as large international corporate clients with a range of multilingual services in all languages.

If you look for a reliable and trustworthy provider of high-end translations, you have come to the right place.