When translating a text, it is single words or other little things that usually make all the difference. By hiring best native-speaking sector-specific professionals, we aim to deliver translations that are 100% accurate, consistent and reliable every time.

To help drive accuracy, speed and quality for our clients, we use glossaries and lists of reserved words. With a customised glossary of definitions and terms, we can build a unique store of commonly used words and phrases which have to be translated in a certain way, or simply left out. These rules can be subsequently applied across all your translation projects to ensure fidelity, consistency and ongoing accuracy.

At Dialektikus KlG, we see each translation assignment as a fascinating intellectual challenge and a uniquely exciting adventure. Driven by our fierce passion for language and perfection, we usually have only one goal in mind: to make your content stand out in every possible way and language, but without ruining your budget.

With 20+ years of first-hand experience, our translators and proofreaders are linguistic aficionados whose incisive word choices will help you to go global and conquer the world. We partner with your company to drive maximum returns for you through clear communication in every language, enabling it to reach further than ever before. Give us a try to see the difference.